Load capacity, Comfort and Versitility...

5 more Berlingo Vans just arrived and are ready to be added to our extensive range of All Road vehicles.

Since 1996, the Citroën Berlingo has been continuously updated in terms of efficiency, design and comfort reinforcing the practicality behind the success of the iconic model, which has sold over 1.7 million units.

Load Capacity

Payload goes right up to 850kg and a distance of 1.23m between wheel arches allows 2 Euro pallets to be easily accommodated. The retractable side seat also creates additional load space for large objects.

Comfort and Versitility

The Citroën Berlingo majors on versatility. It’s sliding doors offer effortless loading even when you’re parked in a tight spot. With 3 seats, the Extenso cab provides room for your team to travel in comfort. It’s also a very flexible space that’s ready to adapt to changing needs.

For details on further vehicles, please call 028 8676 3350 or email info@allroadrental.com.